Allama Iqbal Law College New websites

As some of you know that Allama Iqbal Law College, Sialkot has added many new services this year. Such as Google Education and Microsoft Education. We also have upgrade our website hosting and to make sure that we always have alternative to one website with another we have made more than one website this year. Each website has different purpose but all are updated with important updates.

Links to all our new and old website
Official Website and most up-to-date website.

Other Bankup or alternative website and services.

(This website will be providing many online services to students).

(This is our new blog where we will be posting material and updates).

(This website is for free educational material such as slides, Books & Links etc).

(This website was provided to us by Google when our ailawcollege issue happened).

(This website provides access to our old blog).

(This was old official website currently it isn’t being maintained).


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